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WOD for Friday. Open Gym Saturday 10-12

May 29, 2015


Primary: Deadlift 3×3 for peak.  Still being careful.

Accessory: Deadlift 4×1 @ greater than Primary.

Work- 5 min Airdyne for Max calories 5 min row for max calories 5 min burpees,  800 m run for time.  score each element separately.


Peak your Squat and Shoulder press.

Given yesterday’s Pullup load there is purposely no pulling actions programmed for today.

Work- 5 rft

5 Sumo Deads @ 225/155

10 Pushups

50 Heavyrope SIngles


WOD for Thursday 5-28-15

May 28, 2015


Primary: 3×3 Shoulder Press for Peak

Accessory 1: 3×2 Push Press.  Jump 10% vs Primary to start.

Work: A) 5 Minute- 5 Power Cleans  @ 135/95, 50 Heavy Rope Singles.  rest 5   B) 5 Ten M shuttle lengths, 20 KB Swings 24/16

Accessory 2: Scapular retractions with a band.


Work- (based on the CFG 2015 Regionals Event 6)


25 Calorie row

15 Chest To Bar Pullups

9 Handstand Pushups


WOD for Wednesday 5-27-15

May 27, 2015


Deadlift 3×3 for peak.  You are cleared to go to 100% if you feel like you can be safe in doing so.

Work- EMOMx10- Even 3 Muscleups, Odd- 3 Squat Cleans @ 155/105  Rest 2 Mins- EMOM x 10 Even- 3 Burpee Box Jumps 30/24, Odd 3 Split Jerks 155/105.


Primary- Bench press 3×3 for peak.  Accessory 4×1 Bench press.  1 second pause on chest.  Work- 21-15-9 Bar Dips( Pushups) row calories, Reverse Lunges 45/25 plate.


I don’t ask for much….

May 27, 2015

but please resume posting your scores on our brand new, superawesome weekly whiteboards. It is more important to your fellow members than perhaps you realize.

You are not getting all you pay for if you just kind of stroll in, do whatever I’m asking you to do, stroll out and kinda think you’re getting better, maybe. I mean I feel like I’m stronger, I think. And last week I did 185 for 5 or maybe it was 190 for 4, I’m not sure…

So please,  as a personal favor to me, or to Whitney if you like her better (which is fine, totally fine,  whatever I’m not mad) please write your scores down before you leave.

Posting on the website would be great as well…


WOD for Tuesday 5-26-15

May 26, 2015

First,  please be advised that while officially, test out is M-T-W of next week, if your schedule is such that you’re away next week OR you feel like you are peaking right now (test in 1 rm x3 or 10% better than your test in 1 rm) you can test out this week. We haven’t done that before, but in the past we’ve seen some athletes peak slightly ahead of test out.  Totally up to you.


Pullup 3×3 for peak AND Squat 3×3 For peak.

Accessory-  A) 4×1 for peak both Pullup and Squat. B) Pullup- Double dumbell row 3×6-10.   Squat- Banded squat tempo controlled at 10-10-10-x.

Work- 5 Minute amrap- 5 c2b pullups/5 Hang Squat Cleans @ 115/80


3×3 Across Pullup, Squat, Shoulder Press.

Accessory- Pullup- 3×6-8 Double Dumbell Row.  SP- Top 1/2 SP 4 heavy singles.  Squat- Banded squat tempo controlled @ 10-10-10-x


Weekend/Holiday Schedule. MURPH details, and some noteworthy performances.

May 20, 2015

We will be closed Sunday and Monday to observe Memorial Day.

Saturday we will, in the CrossFit tradition, run the BenchMark Workout MURPH.

Entirely optional, entirely scaleable.  MURPH as rx;d is

for time

run 1 mile

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 air squats

run 1 mile

Row sub = 2k x 2.  Airdyne sub= 2 Miles x 2

The calisthenics partition anyway you want.  To do them in the order written is much harder and is NOT prescribed.

We will be open regular open gym hours 10-12 and  send people out in heats every 15 minutes.  Last heat leaving at 11:15.

Some notable performances.  Neal and Andrea sub 12 on the Black side reverse ladder of Snatches/Box Jumps.   I was at 14:28 and thought I was doing OK.  a 3 minute spread is a huge margin to be beat by. Day ruined.  Ryan Perkins Front Squat 310×3!  Test in was 285.  My all time PR 300…x1.  Day worse…. Zack Parker, consecutive double unders well into the double digits.  I used to be able to do that…. Day at rock bottom.  At least I have my cool-ass speaker to play sad songs with.

Well done everyone.  I’m looking forward to test out week!


WOD’s for the week of 5-18 to 5-22.

May 18, 2015

Gold- We have two weeks remaining in the cycle. Your primary lift sets drop and become peak focused,  meaning that somewhere in your 3 sets of 3 reps you are looking to hit the heaviest weight you can.  You are no longer concerned with total poundage.  Your posted score (our new scoreboards should be ready by monday evening) is your heaviest successfully completed set.  So if your sets go 115×3, 135×3 and 145×2  your score is 135.

Your accessory work becomes more important and there are now 2 accessory actions instead of just one.  Although these are NOT scored, your intensity here should be very high.

Monday- Primary  Pullup 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) Bent row 3×5.  B)Standing Barbell Bicep Curl 3×8.  Work- For Time- Run 800 M, 50 Snatches at 95/65, Run 800 M.

Tuesday- Primary Squat 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) Squat 3×2 with a 2 second pause at below Parallel.  B)GHD Back Extension 3×5  Work- 5RFT 30 doubles, 15 grasshoppers.

Wednesday- Primary  Bench press 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) Top 1/2 Bench Press 3×5 B) Ring Pushups 3×5.  Partner add load.  Work- GRACE –  30 Clean and jerks (ground to overhead) for time.  135/95.

Thursday- Primary Shoulder Press 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) 3×5-10 Bar Dips  B) Dumbell tricep extension 3×5-8 Work- Open Gym, as you see fit.  Don’t do anything shoulder or low back intensive.

Friday- Primary  Deadlift 3×3 for peak (do not exceed 90% of total effort if you are uncertain about your ability to maintain spinal extension).   Accessory  (performed after the work capacity)- A) 3×5 Deadlift from 3′ blocks.   B) PVC Cobras 3×10  Work- For Time  40 Wallballs, 20 OTB Burpees, 10 Deadlifts at 80% of Primary, 20 OTB Burpees, 40 Wallballs.


Monday-  3×3  Across on the squat, shoulder press and pullups.  Accessory – Squat: 4×1 Singles Greater than Primary but no misses. Shoulder Press-3×3 Negatives. Push jerk up, Shoulder Press down.  Pullup:  3×5 Snatch Grip Bent Row.  Go heavy.

Tuesday-  Work:  ForTime  20 snatches at 95/65,  10 Box Jumps (rxd is no Step) 30/24″,  15 Snatches at 115/80, 15 Box Jumps 24/20″, 10 Snatches at 135/95, 20 Box Jumps 20/16″

Wednesday- Deadlift 3×3 for peak. GHD back extension 3×5.  Rest and recover.

Th or F-  Squat and SP for peak 4×3.  Accessory- 3×5-8 Lunges, rear Leg elevated.  SP- 4×1 Heavy singles.  Greater than Primary but no misses.  Pullup- Weighted Static Hold 1x each +70lb KB,  +53Lb KB, +35lb KB.  Work- 10 Minute AMRAP  10 AD calories/10 Burpees,  rest 10  Then 5 rft 30 Doubles/15 Grasshoppers.