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April 30, 2016


OPEN GYM 10-NOON.  There is no yoga this Saturday.  Heather is training other yoga instructors.


OLYMPIC LIFTING 8:45 – 10 AM.  Kayla the PR machine, is ready to help YOU get your fast lifts faster.

OPEN GYM 10- NOON  & Momster Mash with Jill is ON.


WOD for Friday 4-29-16. Note the class cancellations.

April 29, 2016

First and Foremost-  A mix of circumstances is such that I need to cancel all the AM classes on Friday 4-29.  1pm will be taught by Jill and at 5 & 6 Brandon is instructing.  I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to add compensatory hours in the near future.


Strength-  Deadlift 4×5.  Full stop, not touch and go.  As always, be somewhat cautious with your intensity. Pull the bar tight and then stand it up slowly.  Don’t grip it and rip it off the ground with speed.

Accessory- Snatch Grip Deadlift: tempo @ 2-1-2-1.  Go light enough that you can monitor your alignment and form the whole time.

Technique- 5-10 Minutes Overhead Squat Review.  Video HERE.

Work- Every 90 seconds for 8 cycles (12 minutes) perform

1 Power Snatch

1 Hang Snatch

1 Overhead Squat

Ascend in load when appropriate:  In terms of “Pretty or Shitty”, if you succeed at say 105, and it’s a mess you CAN count it, but don’t advance your weight.  Stay at 105 and try to clean it up.  If you should miss, reduce your weight for the next cycle.




WOD for Thursday 4-28-16. Also, FIREFIGHTER FITNESS CHALLENGE event details.

April 28, 2016

Primary Lift-  bench press 4×5.  Full stop.  

Accessory-  Dumbell Bench Press 3 x 6-8 reps 2-2-2-2

Work Capacity-  Run 1 mile at PR pace,  or 10 Mins Max Effort Row/AD/Ski Erg.


The firefighter fitness challenge looks to have registrations/athlete briefings around 9am, events kick off at 10 and conclude by 2 or 2:30. NOW,  never in the history of CrossFit has a first time event stayed on time, so expect them to run longer, but that IS shorter than it could have been.

I’m told there are 3 events.  a)  a mile run collectively as a team, carrying some measure of weighted object.  b) Max Rep thrusters in 10 minutes with varying weight loads equaling correspondingly more points,   so 65/95/115/135 type of deal.  c) tire flips.  Not sure of time weight or scheme here.

Anyway, as we kind of suspected,  all accessible events.  No muscleups, double unders or snatches.  Nothing too technical or CF specific.

Recall, this is  Saturday June 4th, 3 person same gender teams.  $120/team,  goes to a scholarship fund.  Start assembling teams now!



WOD for Wednesday 4-27-16

April 27, 2016

Primary-  Pullup or Row.  4×5

No accessory period

Work-  Amrap in 30 minutes – 5 reps each of 1)Pullups (men- chest to bar) 2)Clean And Jerk 115/85 3) Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 4) Crossover Pushups  5)  Shuttle run LAPS


WOD for M and Tu. &&& !! Stuff to sign up for.

April 25, 2016

Sets go up and reps go down.  Therefore, if in your last set last week you got

6 reps, go up 2%

7 reps, go up 4%

8 reps, go up 7%

9 reps, go up 10%


Primary Lift is Shoulder press 4×5.

Accessory Lift is Single arm, seated Dumbell Shoulder Press 4x 5-8 reps x 3 sets r and l

Work- 21-15-9 Row Calories, Thrusters @ 95/65.  This was one of the Master’s Qualifier Workouts.  I did this Sunday and it throws you a mean little pop.  I finished in 4:35.  I didn’t have the shoulder load directly in front of it like you will, BUT I did have the accumulated fatigue of 21 Muscleups the day prior.  On balance, I think your prior work will affect the wod more than mine.


Primary Lift is Back squat 4×5.

Accessory Work  30 second Static Hold x 3 Against a resistance band.  This is a great offset to people whose knees bow in.

Sled Push- Men at + 135/ Women at + 75.  Down and Back 1x every 4th Minute.


Team games returns!!!  Saturday May 7th 10 am to 12 noon.  Signup will be on the Benchmark WODs board.  please don’t signup and then not come.  That is a logistical mess,  (and a huge emotional letdown).  BUT, if you CAN make it, you will have a great time,  that’s guaranteed or your money back*.

Firefighter Challenge-  June 4th, also a Saturday.  Details have yet to be announced but here’s a GREAT chance to 1) compete without traveling  2) pay a below market $40 per person 3) team workouts are always more fun.  It’s at the battleship.  I have created a signup list for people who are possibly interested and who are looking for teammates.  If you are definitely interested and want to proactively recruit a team, don’t sign up cause then you’ll just have to come up with excuses for why you don;t want to be on someone’s team when THEY ask YOU…AWK-werd.

Private Goal Setting is  front burnered as of Wednesday.  Look for signup times and let’s get you pointed in the right direction.

*- Cost for team games is $0.00





Weekend Schedule 4-23/24-16

April 23, 2016

Open Gym is both days 10-12 noon.

Olympic Lifting is intact at 8:45 Sunday.  There is no saturday yoga this week.

Open gym would be a great time to work on open your fist on the clean catch, or perfecting the row cadence we reviewed on thursday….


WOD for Thursday and Friday 4-21-16 and 4-22-16

April 21, 2016

Recall  Yoga is TONIGHT  (thursday, 4-21 at 7pm ,  no Yoga Saturday.


Warmup/Tech Combined-  Row Review and Clean Review.

Primary-  Bench Press 3×8

Accessory- Lying Dumbell Tricep Extension 3×5 @ 2-1-2-1

Work-  “Seal Drags” for time.  2 attempts.


Primary- Deadlift 3×8

Accessory- Snatch Grip Standing Barbell Shrug 3×5 @ 1-1-1-1 (Basically, this tempo just means “control the weight”  as opposed to bounce or twitch like a maniac)

Work- AMRAP in 10 Minutes– 10 Cleans (power or full) @ 155/105,  30 Double unders (90 singles).  I did this yesterday and got 4 full founds plus cleans BUT i jumped in fresh with no deadlift fatigue preceding it.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL WORK- For anyone who wants additional work, and/or is up for some more, The Master’s Qualifier Workouts just posted. Feel free to test drive these wods for me and if you do so, I;d love your feedback on how they went. They are as follows.

1) 1 Rep Max Deadlift. No time limit. As many attempts as possible.

2) AMRAP in 15. 55 Doubles, 15 c2bar pullups, 5 Hang Power Cleans at 155/105

3) 21-15-9 for time Row Calories/ Thrusters @ 95/65.

4) For Time- 55 Bar Facing Burpees, 34 OH Squats 2 95/65, 21 Ring Muscle Ups

Instructors: No need to prep people on these options. Please focus on the 10 Clean/30 Doubles WOD.

Shoulder Prehab-  ESsENTIAL.  We’ve been away from this too long.  2×20 Banded scapular retractions.  2×20 r & l  resisted external rotation. 2 Minute demo video on our Facebook page.